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AMD makes the virtual tradeshow

by on05 October 2007


K10 is good for it

We just saw the latest in AMD's addition to youtube marketing moves and this one really made us laugh. Last year AMD claims it started what will be known as AMD Virtual experience and now this funny marchicture got its V2.0 version.

AMD claims that industry leaders has accepted this idea and in the video you can see some big names such as Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Novel, Sun or VM Ware.

It is a new way of making the online trade show where you can show your new products online without necessity to travel and book over expensive space. You can show and search the videos and content and access your customers this way.

AVE 2.0 will of course run best on Opteron 64 aka Barcelona and AMD makes some noise about the Virtualisation its key card in this server battle. It looks interesting but see it for yourself and judge here.

I am sure that someone who hates to travel was the head of such a project. We wonder can new K10 make the Muenchener hall in cebit more lifelike than it really is, and if it can it would really put more value on quad and tripple core K10 CPUs. 

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