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Core 2 Duo T9x00 and T8xx are 45nm

by on03 October 2007


9 means 6MB cache, 8 means 3MB

T9300 is the new Core 2 Duo based on the Penryn architecture and naturally this dual core CPU is made in the 45 nanometre process. Intel plans to unveil the whole range of 45nm CPUs in January 2008.

The Core 2 Duo T9300 works at 2.5GHz, has 6MB of cache, works with 800MHz FSB and should fit in the Santa Rosa notebook platform. It is also Socket P, FCPGA8 socket compatible. Naturally, the 2.6Ghz T9500 will be the fastest and most expensive Penryn mobile 45nm at launch.

The T8300 is also a 45nm Core 2 Duo, but this 2.4GHz CPU will come with 3MB cache only. The last on the 45 nanometre January launch list is the T8100, which comes at 2.10GHz. The rest of the spec is the same for both CPUs, they both have 3MB cache, the same Socket P and FSB 800 support.

The current Merom based T7xxx and T6xxx series won't drop in price at the T9xxx and T8xxx launch date.

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