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Centrino to get a new logo, captured

by on01 October 2007


On the 1st of January 2008

Intel will change its well know stickers that you've seen on so many Intel powered notebooks. Currently there are four different Centrino stickers, Intel Centrino with a blue-red wings logo, Intel Centrino Duo with the same blue-pink logo and two new ones with Intel Centrino and Intel Centrino duo written in an interesting variation of red.

The new logo that will put all previous four under the same umbrella will simply say Intel Centrino inside and it will make it even harder to differentiate one design from another.


The dual and single cores will be branded the same, simply Intel Centrino inside, so pay attention if you plan to buy a notebook after New years eve as you might be confused with all the names.

Last modified on 01 October 2007
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