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Harpertown 45nm works with 1600 and 1333FSB

by on28 September 2007


Roadmap: 3.2GHz is the top clock

Intel's server 45 nanometre quad core codenamed Harpertown will also launch in November. This CPU is the same as Yorkfield, but captured in socket 771, the one that Intel uses for its server and workstation products.

Intel will launch with 12 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and four out of twelve will use FSB 1600. Just like the desktop parts the fastest version of Harpertown will work at 3.2GHz with FSB 1600 support and 12MB of cache. It will be known as the X5482 and it's scheduled for a November launch.

The X5472 is the 3.0GHz part with the same FSB 1600MHz and 12MB cache. This CPU will have a TDP of 120W which indicates that the 3.2GHz  part might have even higher dissipation. There will be an E version of the 3.0GHz CPU branded as E5472 with the same specification, but this one doesn't have 120W TDP listed.

The last 1600MHz FSB part is the 2.8GHz X5462 Yorkfield with 12 MB of cache, also scheduled for a November launch. All these parts are meant for server and workstation machines.




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