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AMD to launch triple core on Monday

by on17 September 2007


San Francisco:
A day before IDF 2007

Once San Francisco and New York wakes up AMD on Monday, AMD will announce its triple core X3 Phenom CPU. It will be the first triple core CPU for X86 but we've seen this concept with Xbox 360 IBM chip. We wrote about this chips just hours ago here and in the meantime we managed to confirm that they are real. 

The concept is really simple. All the dual core guys will definitely go to triple core as the cost should be almost the same and the X3 CPU will be AM2+ compatible. If the software guys program for muti threading that will have the similar affect on dual triple or quad cores. Theoretically, the more the better.

As far as we know Intel cannot do this in 2007 but maybe in the future it will be able to introduce the quad cores with one core failed as its native triple core.

AMD has a capability to produce the triple ores and the company claims that there is a demand for it. This stuff will come a bit alter then the first batch of Barcelonas and Phenoms.

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