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First Barcelona previews appear

by on10 September 2007

No benchmarks as yet

So here we are, on the brink of AMD's K10 generation of CPU's and although no official word has come from AMD as yet, since it's still the early hours in the morning in the US, some websites has already posted their previews.

From what we already knew, the K10 based Opterons aren't going to be flying and AMD are talking power efficiency and compares its quad core to Intel's dual core Xeon's.

A new buzzword, ACP or Average CPU Power will be something that we'll be hearing a lot about from AMD, as this is AMD's new way of measuring CPU power draw. TDP will still be used, but this is for thermal designs and not CPU power usage.

We can only hope for AMD's sake that they manage to step up the production and ramp up the clock speed of the K10, as otherwise it looks like they're no clooser on getting out of their financial problems than they currently are.

You can have a look here and here for a couple of previews. 
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