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New Itanium 2 comes in Q4 07

by on07 September 2007


The new Itanium 2 is called 9150M

Intel plans to launch a new Itanium in Q4 2007 with FSB 667. Currently the fastest one 9050 works at 1.6 GHz and has FSB 400 / 533 while the new One branded 9150M will finally move Itanium to FSB 667.

Itanium 2 9150M will have 24 MB of cache and 1.66 GHz clock but there will be a 9140M version with the same speed and 18MB of cache and the 9130M with modest 8 MB of cache memory.

the new FSB 667 Itanium 2 9150M with 24MB will cost $3587 at launch while 18MB version will cost $1924 and finally 8MB version will cost $1508.

The cheapest Itanium 2 single core, branded as the 9110N, will have 12 MB of cache and will work at 1.60 GHz, it works with FSB 400 and 533 motherboards and chipsets and will cost $676 at launch in Q4.
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