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Intel is not allowed to let the AMD die

by on03 September 2007


Unless AMD kills itself

AMD is in really bad financial shape but the company won’t die. The company has enough cash to survive trough the next rough quarters and it should start coming back in shape in Q1 2008.Intel is the one that cannot let AMD die.

In case AMD wen't down US and EU authorities would be all over Intel trying to break the monopoly that this company has for years in CPU market. Intel needs AMD as a gimmick to prove that it doesn’t have a monopoly. With or without AMD it doesnt have monopoly but Intel was hurt to see small AMD so strong and having so good products.

Intel is now concerned as AMD is the one that is running toward a cliff. Intel cannot prevent AMD to kill itself and this is the worst fear now. We all need AMD and we can see the end of this crisis but don’t be fooled, Intel doesn’t want them dead but it does like to see them weak.

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