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Barcelona launches at 2 GHz

by on03 September 2007


Server guys don’t want 3GHz now, AMD claims 

Sources close
to AMD claim that its server customers actually want 2.0 GHz parts more than they want the 3.0 GHz ones.

Well they don’t have any other choice than to claim that and we know that AMD would love to have 3.0 GHz parts soon. The problem is fixed but it’s not that easy to move to B2 revision of a CPU, as this is the one that can easily go even over 3 GHz.

Intel can go even faster as it already shrunk its die to 45 nanometre, but Intel will wait to see the Barcelona in action and then it will finally decide its clock speeds.

AMD is now playing catch up and we believe that even clock to clock Intel will give AMD a hell of a ride it is ready with its 45 quad core CPUs. The 2 GHz Barcelona should not be that expensive, at least everyone hopes so.

Last modified on 03 September 2007
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