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French tested Teslas vs Intel's V8 dual quad

by on27 August 2007


Nvidia GPGPU wins by far

Our French colleagues at behardware had the chance to be the first to play with Nvidia's Cuda and with the Tesla cards. I guess it helps if the directors of Nvidia’s EU marketing and PR sits in Paris but these nice people managed to tell the world what Tesla is all about.

In a rather long part they manage to explain what kind of calculation can you do with this GPGPU concept and they've pictured a a single Tesla card, Tesla D870 with two G80 based cards inside and finally 1U Tesla S870 rack with four G80 and total of 6 GB memory.

Nvidia’s Tesla and Cuda can be many times faster even from Intel’s V8, dual socket Quad core machine and if you care for more it starts here and the benchmarketing part starts here.


Last modified on 28 August 2007
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