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Intel waits for Barcelona

by on21 August 2007



Then will release 45nm processors


Intel is waiting for AMD to release its Barcelona processors before releasing newer technology 45nm die-shrinked processors. According to Techarp, Intel is already producing these 45 nm processorsat one of their fabs in Arizona.

However the launch date will be when AMD finally thinks that it has stolen a march on Intel with its Barcelona chip. As Techarp points out until AMD launches the Barcelona, Intel have no reason to start selling 45 nm processors. They can just sit back, relax and let their 65 nm processors ring up the cash till.

The magazine's source said that Intel will release 45 nm Intel Xeons towallop the Quad-Core Opteron. But it will not release the 45nm Wolfdale processors until AMD launches their desktop Phenom processors.

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