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Russians bough an old piece of Dresden FAB

by on20 August 2007


Up to $500 million spent

We wrote last week that  someone from the east bought a piece of nano technology equipment from AMD’s Dresden factory. Sources close to tool manufacturing companies have confirmed the detail and gave us more details about it.


To our surprise it turns out that a Russian government gave the money and bought between 300 and $500 million of equipment. This is the part of Russian initiative to get its country more nanotechnology resources and god knows that they have the money.


The government gave away some 5 billion total as it wants to get some improvements in nanotechnology.

 AMD is still not ready to announce this deal and we are sure that Federal Trade Commission as well  as the European Union wont go easy on such a deal. If the trade commissions say yes, then a piece of old Dresden equipment will go to Russia.
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