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First Barcelona, K10 was born in December 2006

by on02 August 2007


K10 is almost a year old

We received some information about the three revisions of the K10 core that we mentioned yesterday, here.

Revision B0, 0648 actually indicates that the CPU was tape out and sampled in week 48 of 2006, so in early December last year.

The biggest problem of this revision was the clock speed. It could not work at faster speeds than 2.4 GHz and the starting speed was 1.6 GHz, just as the one that we pictured back at Computex.

AMD's B0 revision needed 1.17V to work at 1.6 GHz Quad core and 1.31V to work at 2.4 GHz. The B1 revision solved this problem and the CPU that was taped out in March could hit 2.7 GHz at 1.28V, which means it consumes less power.

The B02 of the CPU was taped out at the first week of Computex and it's the first version that can hit 3.0 GHz at 1.38V.

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