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Phenom X2 Dual core can hit 3.4 GHz

by on02 August 2007


Top speed

Phenom X2 would be initially shipping at faster speeds than 3 GHz and the real quantity comes in Q1 2008. Still there is a light as this CPU can hit 3.4 GHz.

We are talking about Kuma DC – dual core processor that is supposed to follow the Barcelona and Phenom FX and X4 launch.

Kuma Dual core also had the same limitation with B0 who didn’t want to work faster than 2.4GHz, B1 that worked at 2.7 GHz and finally B2 that works from 1.6 to 3 GHz with 1.25V for the top speed.

B2 revision needs some 20 percent less power to work at the same speed and therefore has the lower TDP at the same clock. This is what AMD has been working on for the whole 2007.

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