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Core 2 Duo is 50 per cent of all Intel CPU shipments

by on18 July 2007


Roadmap: Core 2 family is 89 per cent of all shipments 

The Core 2 Duo at 65 nanometre in the OEM sector will take 48 per cent of Intel's total shipments in Q3 2007. There will be a lot of Core 2 Duo in the back to school season and later for Thanksgiving and Xmas time.

Intel will ramp up Core 2 Duo production to around 50 per cent of all its CPUs before it stars decreasing the numbers in favour of Wolfdale in Q1 2008.

The Celeron 400 based on the Conroe L core will take 10 per cent of total shipments in Q3 and will increase to 12 per cent in Q4 this year. Quad core will take five per cent in Q3 and the same amount in Q4 and then decrease in favour of its superior brother, Yorkfield at 45 nanometre.  

Core 2 Duo at 65nm will also occupy 40 per cent of total shipments in Q1 2008 and 30 per cent in Q2 2008 while Celeron 400 will increase its numbers to thirteen per cent in both Q1 and Q2 2008.

Core 2 Duo together with Celeron 400 and Pentium dual core E series it will occupy 89 per cent of total Intel shipments at its peak in Q4 2007 and after that it will decrease to make space for the 45 nanometre Wolfdale.

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