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QX6850 quad core listed

by on06 July 2007


For €878.06

Intel plans to reveal its FSB 1333 generation and only one of them is a Quad core clocked at 3 GHz and with a TDP of a dangerous 130W.

It is a boxed version and it comes with a cooler and we don’t know how Intel plans to justify almost four time bigger price to dual core E6850 that works at the same clock speed, just have two cores.

Well there is always someone who wants a high end only and I guess these are the people that Intel aims but the biggest trouble that I see is that there is no much cases where you can prove that quad core is the right way. Only in rendering and encoding you can really see the difference and more than 90 percent of users won't be doing that.

Anyway in case you decide to get one you can grab it here.   

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