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Barcelona thermal dissipation is fine at high clocks

by on21 June 2007


Even over 2.8 GHz 

Our knowledgeable sources have confirmed that Barcelona is going to be an overclockable part. Even at 2.8 GHz to 3 GHz this processor won't have any TDP dissipation limitations. TDP stands for Thermal Design Power and is a very important figure as this is the power that has to be removed from a CPU. You need to cool this thing of to make it stable.

The new revision that a few sources referred as B1 shouldn't have any TDP problems and it can work up to 2.8 if not higher to meet the standard TDP numbers.

The main problem now is to get enough of these chips out on the market and even if AMD launches Barcelona in Q3 we are talking about a few chips in late September. Realistically this chip is Q4.


Last modified on 21 June 2007
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