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Sandio Mouse making an impression

by on19 September 2007


3D or 6D ?


The computer market in Taipei always has many surprises, and one that impressed me quite a lot was this nifty device called a Sandio Mouse. “What did he say? A mouse?” You must think I’m crazy. Well check out the pictures.

This is no ordinary mouse, and comes with three dimensions within three dimensions. Yes, the manufacturers are touting this as the “World’s first 6D of 3D mouse”.


In plain English it means you can manipulate your mouse cursor along the X, Y & Z axis in the most fantastic and natural ways possible. Many other companies have tried, each with varied success, however none of them have succeeded quite as well as this mouse.

The moment you take it in your hand, it just feels right. You use your fore-finger, thumb and middle-finger on three hat switches. The combined effect is fantastic, and if the quality of the mouse was in line with some of the high-end mouse brands, then I’d say this is the mouse to get.

As it is, this device is especially good if you use Autocad, Autodesk, 3D StudioMax and believe it or not, Google Earth.


For the gamers out there, this mouse caters for RTS, RPG(MMORPG’s) and FPS games. The added movement features and keys give you less reliance on the keyboard and more intuitive focus into the immersive world you love so much.

Camera views are the easiest to manipulate and I would recommend that after 5 minutes of an easy level that you get right back into your game with this new and innovative device.

Some of the features include multiple settings, from 400, 800, 1600 through to a whopping 2000 dpi. The software includes audible on the fly dpi adjustment and up to 16 extra user-specified commands.

The only area I feel let down by this mouse is the weight, which feels a little too light for someone used to a more robust solution. If you like the look and features you should look them up as they have distribution branches in Taiwan, USA & China.


As the company says: “Elevate your 3D experience” at

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