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Intel says again Barcelona is suicide

by on11 June 2007

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Native quad core makes native problems

As we are all witnessing native Quad core is not as easy as many have expected. K10, Barcelona and Agena got delayed and it will take a few more months before DAAMIT ships them to consumers.

Barcelona and the whole K10 generation is an interesting concept but it is very hard to make it work. Due to the complexity of such a device AMD is now suffering from the low clocks and has to slightly redesign the chip.

AMD will get things right but at he moment it's feeling the pain of this design and the related delay. Stiching two cores together is the way to do it and Penryn is nothing more than two 45 nanometer cores stitched together.

Even with first revision that a few sources saw, Intel can go to 3 GHz and we expect some higher speeds with the first real samples.

We spoke with Intel back in January and the same people said the same things. Now more then even we know that they were right. DAAMIT.

Last modified on 11 June 2007
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