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Fusion has 10 per cent more pins

by on05 June 2007


Computex 07: Compared to a normal CPU

In our conversation with Mr Orton, previously known as the CEO of ATI, now Executive Vice President of Visual and Media Businesses at AMD, we learned a few things about the next generation GPU meets CPU concept known as Fusion.  

Fusion won’t end up having many more pins than a standard CPU. This engineering guru explained that the graphics part can use a lot of existing pins from the CPU and the final score will only be 10 per cent more pins for the Fusion.  More pins means that the chip packaging will cost more money and DAAMIT will avoid this issue.

Fusion is still scheduled for the end of 2008, but no one is ready to pick a launch date. 

The chip is naturally starting at 45 nanometre.  

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