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Akasa finally launches its Revo cooler

by on19 September 2007

Thermodynamic cooling

Akasa has finally announced its Revo cooler which is based around thermodynamic cooling and which has been developed in conjunction with several other companies.

It might not look all that special, but it's using a bubble pump to transfer the hot liquid around its sealed chamber. It works as a very compact water cooler in many ways, except that it's using a heatpipe design.

It should offer the best of both worlds while being quieter than a traditional air cooler and it first on all current motherboards.

The first time we saw this cooler was over two years ago at CeBIT and it has taken this long to perfect the cooler. The Revo should be a fairly affordable solution, just don't expect it to be the best solution for high-end overclocking.

You can check out a couple of pictures here as Akasa hasn't put it up on its website as yet.
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