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K10 B0 stepping does miracles

by on08 May 2007


Pushing Barcelona / Agena to 3 GHz

Charlie wrote about the K10 B0 stepping yesterday and you can read his original story here.

Our sources managed to confirm the claims and the B0 stepping exists and it is a miraculous one. Our sources claim that with the new stepping you can increase the clock by as much as 470 MHz without increasing the TDP (Thermal Design Processor).
Sources close to the company described the K10 B0 stepping as being able to hit the 45 nanometre speeds with the old 65 nanometre process. At press time there are no launch changes but with the new stepping AMD should be able to reach 3GHz on the quad core or even more for the dual core.

Intel should be worried, but not yet as AMD has still to launch these babies in volume.

We expect to see some of these CPU's at Computex in the last month of Q2.

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