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Intel finally price cuts C2D, C2Q

by on22 April 2007


C2D E6600 for 216, €4300 for €113

We already talked about the Intel price cuts and they finally happened in Euroland. You can check our original stories here and here.

Our neighbour store already dropped the E6600 CPU to €215.90 while E4300 the slowest kid on the block sells for €113 only. We are of course talking about Core 2 Duo CPUs. European price cuts are identical to American ones you just need to change the currency sign as E4300 dropped from $163 to $113 in the states, in Euroland the same CPU now sells for €113.

All you need to do is to wake up on Monday and grab one of these CPU's with new prices. The prices cuts already happened in the rest of the Europe including the UK.

You can buy these babies directly here and Ditech will ship it all over Europe.  

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