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Intel CPU's have OC black box

by on20 April 2007


Intel knows if you overclocked

A few big retailers and etailers have confirmed that Intel actually can check if you overclocked your CPU. When you burn your CPU Intel asks its retailers and etailers to return the CPU's back and in three to five weeks Intel gets back with the answer to whether the end customer gets a new chip or not.

If Intel figurate out that if you load a CPU with too high frequency or too high voltage it might deny the RMA. This is a very unfair way of doing business, as the company doesn't oppose overclocking, at least not officially.

Yes, we are saying that if you overclock your CPU and fry it at a very high frequency, then there is a big chance that Intel will deny your RMA.

Retailers and etailers said that they are not sure in Intel's methods of judging who gets a new CPU, but they said that Intel gets back to them if you overclocked too much and simply refuse to RMA the part. This is more than disturbing news to all overclockers.

If you are one of these customers who didn’t get its RMA'd CPU repleaced because of overclocking, please let us know.

Last modified on 20 April 2007
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