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Quad core Penryn 3.33 GHz scores up

by on19 April 2007


45 nm quad core at IDF China


According to various sources Intel showed Penryn 3.33 GHz core at IDF China. Intel Quad core Penryn at 3.33 GHz scores about 22 percent faster then Core 2 Extreme QX6800 2.93GHz in 3Dmark06 CPU test. Both machines had Windows Vista 32 bit and the same memory DDR2 memory at 5-5-5-15 and 8800 GTX card.

In CPU score dual core Penryn scores much slower in the same test, about 61 percent slower. Overall score is only about 800 points faster on Penryn then on the old Quad core or about seven and a half percent.
The new Penryn quad core at 3.33 GHz scores much better on a DivX test, H264 encoding and Cinebench.

The best past is that Penryn doesn’t exists as a quad core in any roadmap we seen before. This has to be either Harpertown or Yorkield but Intel doesn’t wants to leak too many codenames I guess. It doesn’t really matter. Penryn shows its face as mobile chip only at least in Intel latest plans.

You can check more details here.

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