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AMD uses old benchmarks too

by on05 April 2007


Pot calls kettle black


Lately AMD has made much of Intel's using old benchmarks as a method of showing product superiority.

AMD's senior vice president and Chief Marketing Office Henri Richard said that Intel was using "unscrupulously deceptive benchmarking practices". This, in addition to AMD's charges that Intel has violated US antitrust law.  

Now, it seems that ZDNet have found that AMD have been doing the same thing. AMD used retired benchmarks in a slide presentation that was given in Beijing, China last week by AMD's manager of worldwide Opteron market development John Fruehe.

Fruehe now claims that there are certain challenges when it comes to offering previously unpublished benchmark data when a public company like AMD is in its SEC-enforced quiet period.

He is interviewed by ZDNet here and claims that it is not a case of AMD calling Intel's kettle black.

Last modified on 05 April 2007
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