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More Pentiums to die in Q2

by on04 April 2007


The beginning of the end

We tried to look at Intel's plans for 2007 and beyond and we have noticed that Pentium 4 marchitecture based 925, 641/631 in V2 Value market segment, and 935 and 651 will end their carrier in Q2 2007.

Pentium D 925 is based on the Presler 65 nanometre core and it works at 3 GHZ with FBS 800, 4MB of cache memory and of course it's a dual core part. the 641 and 631 are Cedar Mill based CPUs, clocked at 3.2 and 3 GHz with 2 MB of cache.

Only the Celerons will survive beyond Q3 2007, at least the ones codenamed 440 and 430 clocked at 2GHz and 1.8GHz respectivley, with 512 KB cache and are based on the Conroe L core. Well, this is not Pentium marchitecture anymore so 2007 will be the last one for almost all Netburst based CPUs.

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