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Intel gets more time to find lost emails

by on09 April 2007


Or come up with a good reason

A judge in the Intel versus AMD anti-trust case has given Intel ten days to find emails it lost about the the case or explain what happened to them.

Judge Joseph Farnan of U.S. District Court in Delaware gave Intel a few more days to explain how it is trying to locate a 1000 missing e-mails that AMD wants to see.

The e-mails that Intel lost discuss details relevant to the AMD lawsuit, which alleges that Intel engaged in anti-competitive practices to maintain a "monopolistic position" in the PC processor market, according to court documents.

Intel's e-mail system, which runs on Microsoft Exchange servers, deletes e-mail sent or received by employees every 35 days.  Senior executive e-mail is deleted every 45 to 60 days.

While some emails are recoverable from backup tapes or by employee-initiated backup, Intel says it takes longer to find these.


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