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Clowertown goes 3 GHZ / 1333 MHz

by on26 March 2007
Intel 65 nanometre, X5365

Intel decided to include one more Clowertown before it finally moves to Harpertown. Intel didn't plan to have the 3 GHz part at 1333 FSB but it changed its mind.

Intel will offer total of four new FSB 1333 CPU's. The slowest E5335 will work at 2 GHz and will dissipate 80 W with its all four cores, the second in line is E5345 clocked at 2.33 GHz and the same 80W TDP. This baby as well has 2x4 MB of cache or 4 MB per physical core and works at 1333 MHz. These two Xeon processors are scheduled for Q2 2007.

The third one is called E5355 and works at 2.66 GHz and dangerous 120W TDP. This one also has four cores and 8 MB of cache in total.

And finally there is a new CPU on the list called E5365. This one is also based on Clowertown core and works at 3 GHZ with FSB 1333 MHZ. This baby is scheduled for Q3 as well as the E5355. After than it is Harpertown quad core time, and this one is scheduled for Q4 2007 announcement.



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