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Intel's 45 nm Quad core comes in Q4

by on14 March 2007

Roadmap: Harpertown for servers

Harpertown Quad Core a server CPU that is suppose to replace some of the Quad core Xeon 5300 series CPUs, comes in Q4 2007. Intel is pushing hard to have these small transistor CPU's out this year.

The desktop parts are still scheduled for Q1 2008 but at least one server part will go out. Harpertown will be the top of the Performance roadmap and will share its place with Xeon 5160, 5150, 5140 and 5130 at Volume Dual processor market. It will even drop to value market and co-exist in late Q4 with 5120 and 5110 CPUs.

Yorkfield Quad core are still scheduled for Q1 2008. The only details we know about Harpertown and all Intel wants you to know about this CPU, is that it supports four cores and four threads and that is 45 nanometre based.



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