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One laptop per child to ship in millions

by on06 March 2007

This year, 100 dollars PC
Hector yesterday said that AMD plans to ship millions of "One laptop per child" devices this year. This certainly confirms the earlier news that AMD chips will be inside of such device.

The company said that it plans to ships millions of these devices and I can see the interest for such a device. I would certainly be interested to purchase and give away at least few of these. This will certainly help AMD to keep its market share above 25 percent range or mid twenties how AMD boss modestly likes to refers to the number.

This 100 dollars PC can turn around a lot of market and possible damage the other market segments. Last time I check in Austria the cheapest notebook I could found was about €500, more than five times the price of $100 laptop.

The $100 machine won't be such advanced but it will still be enough to get you on internet and let you type. We will keep our eyes opened for such a devices as it will certainly keep many kids happy. You can read more about "One laptop per child" here

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