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AMD shows off Evergreen die

by on03 June 2009


Computex 09: First demo with new DX11 silicon

Earlier today at a press conference AMD showed off its first working DirectX 11 silicon and although it's still early days, the good news is that the silicon is already working.

AMD showed several live demos running on stage with DirectX 11 hardware tesselation. Our friend Chris Hook got us a backstage sneak peek and as you can see from the pictures below, we can confirm that Evergreen is indeed real. The demos might only have been running at 1360x746 resolution at around 30fps, but taken into consideration that AMD has only had the silicon for a few weeks, this is very impressive.

A lot of hard work is still ahead for AMD as the company has a lot of work to do on the drivers among other things and so far we don't know what the actual cards look like, as AMD wouldn't show anyone the cards. We do have a couple of pictures of the die though, as Dr John Wei, the Senior Director of the Advanced Technology marketing department at TSMC presented the first Evergreen die to Rick Bergman, the Senior VP of AMD.



One of the many demos shown by AMD

A close-up of the screen showing the Evergreen code name
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