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Gainward showcases 9800GX2

by on07 March 2008


Cebit 08: The same as others

Gainward as well as many other partners had Geforce 9800 GX2 in its booth. The partners were not supposed to talk about the clock speeds and performance, but they surely showcased it.

One other rule was not to put the card in the system, as someone might actually score a benchmark. Anyhow, the card looks very much like the rest of the cards around, but it kind of proves that Gainward will have it at launch.

We really like how the card looks, as Nvidia made it look like a real consumer product and that SLI connector is hidden below the small removable doors; and, of course, the card has SPDIF, DVI times two and HDMI.

We can admit that G looks good on it.



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