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GlacialTech launches HTPC case

by on14 September 2007


Adularia A380


GlacialTech Inc, a leading solutions provider in the fields of Cooling, Power Supplies and Chassis, has released a new Home Theatre Chassis design.

Staying with their Glacial theme, the A380 range boasts an Adularia name (a kind of Quartz rock found in high mountains) and two distinctly glacial colors, Rock Black, & Glacier Silver. The stylish chassis are part of a new incentive by GlacialTech to dominate an already crowded market.


The chassis are designed by an award winning team and they have several advantages over the competition.  The main difference is this solution has advanced cooling features and an almost bare-bone setup.

The new chassis feature a USB/audio port, 52-in-one Card Reader and IR receiver. The remote at this stage is optional, but I heard from a very reliable source that they are working on a state of the art remote second to none. It will fit both ATX & Micro ATX motherboards and includes a 270W power supply.

That’s more than ample to power a decent HTCP/MCE home setup.

GlacialTech like to maintain a “Green” friendly attitude, using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and low power solutions. Check out more here.

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