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Paris gets more fibre

by on13 September 2007


Municipal FTTP network


Paris is going to connect fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) to more than 86 municipalities around Paris.

The SEQUANTIC network is a point-to-multipoint network started by the SIPPEREC public consortium, which represents the electricity and telecommunications interests of approximately 1.7m residential, commercial and industrial customers located in 86 municipalities around Paris.

SEQUANTIC will provide external and internal connectivity to all buildings in more than 147 business areas, which together comprise more than 6500 enterprises.

It will be the first public based fibre-to-the-user open-access network dedicated to business areas in the Paris region.

The network will be based on Wave7 Optics' Trident7 Optical Access Platform, an FTTP platform. This is based on standard interfaces that allows multiple service providers and network operators to deliver a variety of services without interfering with one another.

The network will be running by October 2007.

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