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Nvidia's GTX 470 is not a hit

by on26 May 2010


The GTX 465 might save the day

We are hearing that Geforce GTX 470 is not so popular after all. It has been selling well, but the Geforce GTX 465 should sell much better.  

The only big issue is the price that won’t be much different from the GTX 470. The second bad thing about the upcoming performance GTX 465 is that in a few months after this card launches, we'll see the GTX 460 based on the new GF104 chip and it is supposed to bring similar performance at much lower TDP.

Nvidia is supposed to have GF104 chips ready, but it wants to hold these cards as launching the new and much cooler card too early might jeopardize the sales of its GF100, Fermi based cards.

The big issue is that GF104 and GF108 chips and cards, the real mainstream and low end products with DirectX 11 stamp are coming later, but they should be ready to sell for back to school, which is only a month away.

Nvidia’s stronghold these days is mobile and its quite promising Optimus technology.

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