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Gigabyte and Sapphire ship overclocked 5870's

by on16 April 2010


950MHz and 925MHz core clocks

Gigabyte and Sapphire
have introduced two overclocked HD 5870 that make reference clocked cards feel totally inadequate and seek counseling. We already mentioned them in our CeBit coverage, but now they're here and should ship within days.

Sapphire's new HD 5870 Toxic packs 2GB of memory and its core is overclocked to 925MHz. Impressive numbers, but the €449 price tag is also over the top, as reference cards with 1GB of memory and 850MHz clock sell for around €350.

Gigabyte's HD 5870 Super Overclock justifies the super prefix with a 950MHz core clock, but it features just 1GB of memory. It will also sell for €450 and now we're really feel sorry we didn't steal it while we had the chance.

As we said, both cards should be available in a few days and we can only hope that prices will go down in coming weeks.
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