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?Guitar Hero III? coming to the PC and Mac

by on13 September 2007


Is Aspyr taking a chance?


Today Aspyr Media, Activision, and RedOctane announced that Aspyr will be bringing “Guitar Hero III” to the PC and Mac platforms. The PC and Mac version will feature the same sort of experience that will be found in the console version of the game, including over 70 songs and multiplayer modes.

The concept they are pushing is the ability to play Guitar Hero III ‘on the go’ using a keyboard configuration, rather than the normal USB specialized guitar that is used for the console versions of the game. Aspyr also says that while many people are using PCs and Macs on their TVs in their living rooms it is hard to imagine that some of these users might want to play Guitar Hero III on this platform, as well.

The PC and Mac version will feature their own USB plug-in guitar, and details as to the exact model will be announced at a later date.  Owners of console versions of previous versions of Guitar Hero that feature a guitar controller with a USB connector should be able to connect that guitar to Guitar Hero III on the PC or Mac.

Aspyr expects that additional content will be available for Guitar Hero III on the PC platform, but at least starting out the content will most likely mirror the content that is on the console platforms.  This is not to say that some exclusive content might not be developed; as a matter of fact, Aspyr is focused on the delivery of the best version of the game possible.

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