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Commodore PR makes a new friend in the U.S.

by on13 September 2007


Is this professional behavior?


While some people might not like Kyle Bennett’s straight ahead, no-holds barred approach to technology journalism, you have to give him and the staff at HardOCP a lot of credit, as they know how to get to the bottom of a story when something is “fishy.”

As many people know, Commodore Gaming is trying to resurrect the Commodore brand name as a mid-range to high-end gaming PC system builder. Commodore Gaming first started out with a large scale introduction in Europe, and now they are moving to open up the North American market, as well.

Recently, Commodore PR has sent out some rather dubious claims in E-mails to journalists in an attempt to get some positive press for their newly opened North American office. When Kyle attempted to question and seek clarification on these claims, we got a peek at several lessons on what “not” to do to when trying to talk to veteran journalists.

Kyle has written a lengthy account of the exchange between Commodore PR and himself that has to be read to be believed.

Read the entire account of the Commodore PR saga with HardOCP here.

Last modified on 13 September 2007
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