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HD 5830 bench shows promise

by on24 February 2010


Neck and neck with GTX 260, GTX 275

A Chinese
site has put the new HD 5830 through its paces and pitted it against the HD 5850 and Nvidia's GTX 260 and GTX 275.

As expected, the HD 5830 is noticeably slower than the HD 5850 and the difference varies from 15 to over 20 percent depending on the game. However, it's fast enough to match the GTX 260 and even the GTX 275 in some tests, although Nvidia's cards are somewhat faster in FarCry 2.

The HD 5830 should launch later this week and the price is rumoured between €199 and €239, depending on who you ask. A Geforce GTX 275 costs around €190, hence the 5830 sounds like a rather good deal. After all, it is a 40nm DirectX 11 card, whereas the GTX 275 is still stuck at 55nm and DirectX 10.

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