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Inno3D gags Nvidia's GT 240

by on20 January 2010


With a massive heatpipe cooler

apparently got fed up with the GT 240 giving it mouth on a bad hangover and decided to slap a passive cooler on its 40nm GPU.

According to Expreview, the new GT 240 will use the reference PCB and it will be clocked at 550MHz/3400MHz for the core and memory. It sports a rather large passive cooler, with four heatpipes and 50 aluminium fins.

Zotac is the only other AIB to offer a passive GT 240. However, Zotac's GT 240 Zone Edition ships with slower DDR3 memory clocked at 790MHz, and it has a much smaller heatsink, with no heatpipes.

More here.

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