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Cedar reference board tips up

by on15 January 2010


Small and cuddly

of what is supposedly AMD's no thrills Cedar card have been posted on Arab Hardware forums.

The GPU will most likely be a halved Redwood, which itself is a halved Juniper GPU. Hence, we're probably looking at 200 stream processors and a 64-bit memory bus. AMD is expected to launch three version, branded HD 5450, 5550 and 5570. We're not sure about the specifics, but the cheaper ones will probably use GDDR3 memory and they'll feature lower clocks.

The reference card is actively cooled, but the fan and heatsink are ridiculously small, as is the rest of the low-profile card. We guess most AIBs will offer passively cooled versions soon after launch. The price tag should be as small as the card itself, probably in the €40 to €70 region, depending on the SKU.



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