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Intel tries to steal AMD's thunder

by on11 September 2007


We are racking in the cash


On the same day that AMD released its Opteron chip the PR department at Intel tried to steal a bit of thunder for itself.

Intel surprised Wall Street by saying that it will make more than $200 million more than expected. It is saying that it will have sales of $9.4 billion to $9.8 billion in the current quarter. That compares with the previous forecast of $9.0 billion to $9.6 billion.

However the figures are announced as part of a 'mid-quarter' proclamation by Intel which is something that the company does not do .

Intel claimed it was because there was a higher demand for its microprocessors worldwide for the upgraded forecast. However cynics say that it was a cheap shot at trying to steal some of the momentum surrounding the launch of AMD's Opteron.

If it was, then Intel made a bit of a mistake. The sort of person interested in buying a new chip is not likely to care about financial news. USA Today fell for it.

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