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AMD intros mobile DirectX 11 GPUs

by on07 January 2010


Quite a few of them

AMD has
announced a bunch of fresh DirectX 11 mobile GPUs at CES and the diverse lineup should be enough to meet anyone's needs.

In the high end AMD will offer a choice of three chips, HD 5870, HD 5850 and HD 5830. However, for some reason AMD changed the naming scheme a bit and the mobile 5800 series seems to be based on the desktop 5700 series. This will undoubtedly cause a fair amount of confusion, as most consumers don't really follow the mobile GPU market closely.

Looking at the cheap and cheerful market, AMD will introduce 5600 and 5700 parts targeted at mainstream lappies, as well 5450 and 5470 models aimed at even cheaper models. The power efficient HD 5430 will replace the HD 4330 in the ever growing thin'n'light market.

In addition to DirectX 11 parts, the outfit will also launch two DirectX 10.1 GPUs, which are merely overclocked rebrands of existing 55nm GPUs. Dubbed Radeon HD 5165 and HD 5145, these parts are apparently based on HD 4600 and HGD 4800 series parts.
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