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AMD ships 2-millionth DX11 GPU

by on07 January 2010


Nvidia ships 0

can open the champers, as it has managed to ship 2 million Radeon 5000 series DirectX 11 chips since it launched Cypress three months ago. In mid December AMD's DX11 shipments were estimated at around 800,000 units.

After overcoming crippling shortages, the outfit apparently managed to ship over a million chips in the last 4 weeks alone. Senior VP and AMD Products Group General Manager Rick Bergman said the result underscored the ingenuity and innovation poured into the Evergreen series. It also underscored the fact that Nvidia missed quite a few launch targets for its Fermi architecture.

AMD currently has five DirectX 11 cards to offer, with more than a dozen mobile and low end chips coming soon. Nvidia has none, and it probably won't have any for the next eight to ten weeks, if not more.
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