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Nvidia has high hopes for Fermi

by on29 December 2009


Fastest in every segment

In an interview with the good people of DonanimHaber, Nvidia PR Head for the EMEA Region Luciano Alibrandi told the world + dog that the company's new Fermi GPU will be the mother of all GPUs and that it will win in every market segment.

“We expect [Fermi] to be the fastest GPU in every single segment. The performance numbers that we have [obtained] internally just [confirms] that. So, we are happy about this and are just finalizing everything on the driver side,” said Alibrandi.

However, the major issue with Fermi isn't its performance, but rather its delayed launch. Nvidia already confirmed that it would ramp up production in Q1 of its fiscal 2011, or sometime between January 26 and April 26. Add to that the additional couple of weeks needed to stick these GPUs into actual cards and ship them and things start to look even worse for Nvidia.

“We just want to make sure it is as perfect as we want it to be in both graphics and computing,” said Mr. Alibrandi.

While Nvidia is taking its time to make sure everything is perfect, ATI is supposedly working on a refreshed version of Cypress and it is clear it will have a two-quarter lead over Nvidia in the DirectX 11 market.
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