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Aussie boffins develop colonoscopy simulator

by on25 December 2009


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recently landed a contract to ship Tegras for Audi's flagship A8, but Aussie boffins have found a far less glamorous way of harnessing Nvidia's GPU muscle.

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has come up with an Nvidia-based colonoscopy simulator. We told you it was less glamorous than an A8, and it doesn't get much less glamorous than this.

Dr Trevor Lockett claims bowel cancer is one of the most forms of cancer in Australia and that timely diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment. Around 90 Australians die from bowel cancer each month.

"As such, early diagnosis has become a national health priority," Dr Lockett said."Colonoscopy is a difficult procedure to master, and gastroenterologists require hundreds of supervised procedures to reach an expert level."

CSIRO Project Leader Josh Passanger says the simulator delivers photo realistic graphics using OpenGL and physics simulations. "In a similar way that a software development company produces a computer game, we have generated realistic environments that enable trainees to search for polyps and abnormalities inside virtual patients," Mr Passenger said. "We are currently developing a system that can produce realistic, randomised colons, so that surgeons can be prepared for a wide variety of colonic anatomies."

So, you can soon expect to see an FPS set in a polyp ridden colon and don't forget it will feature PhysX. They might even call it Colon of Duty.
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