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ATI Evergreen availability improves, slightly

by on24 December 2009


Still a bit pricey

two months after ATI launched its 5xxx series DirectX 11 graphics cards, availability has started to improve, although it's still not perfect. Cypress based HD 5850, 5870 and 5970 cards are still in short supply, but they are available. Consumers in smaller markets might have to wait a bit more though. The only trouble is that high demand has sparked a price hike on the part of retailers and distributors.

There is a premium to pay for the hottest graphics cards around, so most retailers are selling the HD 5850 at €299, although a few retailers are listing it at around €250. An HD 5870 will set you back €400 to €450, which is a bit closer to the actual MSRP. An Austrian e-tailer is selling the HD 5970 for €579, but most retailers are asking for €600+. If you are not in a hurry, it's probably best to wait a couple of weeks for prices to go down, as there is plenty of room for price cuts.

Juniper cards are widely available and the prices are reasonable. HD 5770 prices start at just over €120, but most cards sell in the €135 to €150 region. An HD 5750 can be yours for as little as €96, but most sell for just over €110, which is still a nice deal.
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