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MSI's GTX 275 Lightning likes LN2

by on23 December 2009


Breaks 3DMark Vantage record

MSI has always claimed that their Lightning GTX 275 is something special and although it did look cool the price and the end result were good but not great, but when paired with some LN2, it is clear that this one is made for record breaking.

The guys from did a review of the card and after some talking with MSI they went for LN2 as well, and that's when previous 3DMark records became just a piece of history. Of course, you must note that this one was in hands of "massman", the guy that is well known within the overclocking crowd, and actually one of the owners of

The card managed to score an incredible P20460 result, and it was working at even more incredible 1375MHz for the core, 1435MHz for 1792MB of GDDR3 memory and 2757MHz for shaders. Bare in mind that the reference MSI GTX 275 Lightning works at 700/1150/1404MHz, which makes this overclock even more impressive.

The one fact that made this overclock even more interesting is the fact that the fastest Geforce GTX 285 scores around P16956, and the previous world record with GTX 275 was set at P18833 with a card overclocked to 1200MHz for the GPU.

You can find the entire overclocking review over at and we included some pictures below just in case you want to see the setup.



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