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ATI finally ships more HD 5xx0 cards to partners

by on09 December 2009


Getting better

Nvidia doesn’t have any DirectX 11 hardware, at least not launched, and ATI has it but cannot get churn out enough. Of course TSMC is the one to blame, at least that is always a good start as by nature, someone else is to blame, not you.

ATI is still shipping a lot of RV870 chips for Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850 as well as for HD 5970 cards. The HD 57x0 series are not selling that great, but this is another story alltogether.

The volumes of RV870 chips and finished cards for the high end segment is getting better. Partners have reported that they are getting more chips but that this is still not enough to ease overstretched demand. Basically, demand is still outstripping supply, however, it should be easier for you to get ATI 58x0 and 5970 card before Xmas.

We are quite sure that ATI is definitely going to win an important piece of the performance and high-end market share, as in Q4 2009 Nvidia simply doesn’t have anything to fight it.

Last modified on 09 December 2009
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